Frequently Asked Questions

WE THE VIRTUAL, a passionate project by the industry stalwarts and the brainchild of PCTI LTD which got formed to cater the human emotions during the time of social distancing and lockdowns. The main motto is “The Show Must Go On”. In this period of anxiety, it is very important to get connected to maintain positivity and human bonding.

It is an association of professionals from varied fields comprising IT Professionals, Event Professionals, Catering experts, educationists, marketing experts and business development professionals. We will be catering towards many different forms of events and shows keeping in mind the benchmark of the industry. As an event it means getting together on a single platform for different kinds of celebration, launches, seminars, conferences, meetings, weddings, birthdays, personal parties and get together and many more.

So, we as a team at WE THE VIRTUAL caters entire event needs for the society virtually by an amalgamation of technology and artificial intelligence giving the viewers the sense of physical participation while being in the virtual world, that’s what’s the reality of the future now. So, to make the society future ready the team at WE THE VIRTUAL is the solution provider with the team of professionals with the creative instinct to make your dreams come true.

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